Founded in 2015, Lumitus is a dark conceptual fashion brand offering clothing and accessories in an achromatic palette. Harmonizing minimalism and experimental design, the brand aims to provide freedom of self-expression to the wearer. Styles continuously evolve from those previous and the colour black remains a constant throughout each collection. Avant-garde shapes and details unite with functionality to form long-lasting wardrobe essentials for the nonconforming individual. At the core of the brands character are the meticulously selected materials from which each piece is constructed.

All products are made in Canada in limited quantities at a time. Since beginning, Lumitus remains committed to work only with suppliers and local production facilities which share the brands values of fair wages and good working conditions for employees. Each item is made by a small, highly skilled team. The majority of materials used for collections are organic or sustainably certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which tests for substances harmful to health and environment.